Raw ramen with chopsticks on a white background.

More than Soup ‘n Noodles: What you don’t know about Ramen

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Waiting for a table at a popular ramen spot in Vancouver, I shamefully realized that I didn’t actually know if ramen was Japanese or Chinese. This was especially embarrassing as a fairly well travelled self-proclaimed foodie. That wasn’t the only thing I didn’t know about ramen. The most basic description of ramen is ‘wheat noodles […]

Bacteria virus render in green color isolated on white

Why You Need Probiotics & Prebiotics (7 Fast Facts)

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By now you have likely heard that there are bacteria living in your gut, and it’s a good thing too. Probiotics are better known to consumers than prebiotics.  Although the terms prebiotics and probiotics are frequently confused, they are actually quite different.  Prebiotics are like fertilizer for the bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are the […]