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Truly Amazing Low Sugar Banana Bread 

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This is a low sugar primal banana ginger bread – for the guilty yet unrepentant.

This banana bread is pretty damn good as far as baked goods go.  It’s energy dense, but in all the right ways. In here you’ll find protein, fat and carbs ranging from fiber to starches and some sugars. In short, this is something to keep you going for a while. You can substitute ingredients, add different spices, even forget the blender for 20 minutes. You’re still going to end up with something that tastes awesome. Digital kitchen scales will help as measure below are in grams.


The Recipe

Almonds ground  (150 g)

Ripe banana mashed (390 g)

Eggs (215 g)  –   around 4 medium eggs

Coconut flour (40 g)

Cream (60 g)

Fresh ginger grated (21 g)

Water (42 g)

Cinnamon ground (4 g)  –  about three teaspoons

Cardamom ground (1 g)  – about half a teaspoon

Ginger ground (2 g)  –  one teaspoon

Stevia, optional (15 g)  –  If you like things a bit sweeter, add in 2-3 stevia sticks


The Directions

  • Put everything into a bowl and mix the hell out of it. Give it a couple of minutes.
  • A loaf tin will give the most pleasing shape for cutting into slices, however you can use any non-stick cake tin.
  • Pre-heat to 180 Celsius (or 350 Fahrenheit) on fan-bake setting.
  • Bake for 30 minutes. Then check at 10 minute intervals until it stops wobbling.
  • Total cook time will likely be 40 to 50 minutes.




The Nutritionals

To put the nutritional information below in perspective, a Twinkie bar (per 100 g) contains 39 g of sugar. Compare this to 7.1 g  for our banana bread.  As far as cake-like things go, this is awesome.


Units Per 100g
Energy KJ 904
Calories Kcal 216
Protein g 7.9
Fat g 14.6
–          Saturated g 3.4
Carbohydrates g 10.5
–          Sugars g 7.1


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